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Do you know…

  • The value of your business and the 8 key value drivers?
  • What buyers are looking for?
  • The tax implications of a sale?
  • The 10 key things to do to prepare your business for the market?
  • How to generate multiple offers to maximize value?

The answers to the above are not discovered by having a simple valuation. It requires a comprehensive integrated approach that focuses on your goals.

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Our marketing will generate multiple buyers.

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What an Integrated Approach Includes:

  • Initial Consultation – We will learn what your goals and objectives are for the potential sale.
  • Plan – This step will set in motion a series of analyses on your business.
  • Financial Review – Our financial analysts will review your financial records to determine the adjusted EBITDA of the business for a new owner.
  • Value Driver Analysis – An assessment will be done on your business across 8 key value drivers that matter most to buyers.
  • Buyer Research – An analysis of the buyer market to understand the most likely acquirers for your business which will include strategic companies, private investors and private equity groups.
  • Value Range – With the above data we can identify the possible range of values.
  • Deal Structures – We will identify potential deal structures so you know your total proceeds at closing
  • Tax Implications – We will coordinate with your accountant so you have your ‘walk away’ number. This is the KEY number to understand.
  • Market Strategy – Present the best ‘confidential’ marketing strategy to generate the broadest buyer interest.
  • Engagement – Engage Sun Acquisitions to manage and execute on the agreed upon plan.
  • Execution – Implement all aspects of the business sale engagement including confidential marketing, buyer screening, meeting management, offer negotiations, diligence coordination and successful CLOSING!

It takes about 15-30 days to complete an analysis on your business and develop a plan.

Ensuring maximum value on your business goes way beyond a simple consultation or valuation. Sun Acquisitions has the team, resources and track record to deliver you maximum value.

Let us Analyze your Business so you Maximize Value!

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