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M and A Unplugged Podcast, hosted by Domenic Rinaldi

About M&A Unplugged

A Podcast for people looking to Scale, Acquire or Exit a Business!

The M&A Unplugged Podcast is hosted by Domenic Rinaldi РOwner and Managing Partner of Sun Acquisitions. On each episode Domenic will interview business buyers, sellers and advisors and you will hear firsthand accounts of their transaction experiences. You will gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways so you can maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale.

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Andrew Kelleher: Preparing to Sell your Business

Andrew Kelleher, Co-Founder of Kelleher & Buckley LLC, discusses common legal and estate issues when selling a business, getting people comfortable with a buy/sell agreement, and life insurance as asset protection.

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The Story of Wenesco, Inc. and the Importance of a Succession Plan

Wendi Ewalt and Lesli Chenelle, previous owners of Wenesco, discuss the early days of their business, what happens without a succession plan, and advice for family business owners.

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Domenic Rinaldi: Survey Review & Happy Thanksgiving!

Domenic Rinaldi, Host of M&A Unplugged, conducts a solo episode to discuss the results from a recent survey, the ramifications of a sale, creating a self-managing business, and upcoming programs and services for 2020 to prepare for a sale.

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Jeremy Waitzman: Beyond the Price of a Sale of a Business

Jeremy Waitzman, Partner and Head of the Corporate Practice Group at Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger LLP, discusses earn-outs to bridge a gap in a transaction, rollover equity, representations and warranties, and indemnities.

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Kathy Miller: Transitioning from Selling a Business to Retirement

Kathy Miller, previous owner of Total Event Resources, discusses preparing for retirement, preparing her business for a sale, the business selling process, and selecting the right buyer.

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David Buckley: Legal Considerations in M&A Transactions

David Buckley, co-founder of Kelleher & Buckley Law Firm, discusses estate planning, legal areas of focus when planning a M&A transaction, the importance of assembling the right team and securing key employees.

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Lamar Stanley: Private Equity Group Acquisitions

Lamar Stanley, Head of Deal Origination at Gen Cap America, discusses how Gen Cap approaches fundraising, return on investments, client concentrations, the market going forward and trends.

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Phil Stout: Acquiring a Small Business and Growing it

Phil Stout, new owner of Sizzle Productions, discusses what led him to own a new business, becoming comfortable within a new industry, preparations that went into buying a business, and owning a business with a spouse.

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Tim Allen: Environmental Due Diligence

Tim Allen, Business Development at A3 Environmental, discusses Phase 1 reports, Phase 2 reports and if there is recognized environmental concerns, Phase 3 remediation, and defensive environmental consulting.

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Steve Lasiewicz: Business Acquisition Loans

Steve Lasiewicz, Senior VP & SBA Sales Manager at Busey Bank, discusses SBA loans and the advantages of using them in an M&A transaction, what really matters when acquiring a business, partner buyouts, and advice in how to approach SBA loans.

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Tad Render: The 10 Commandments of Selling Your Business

Tad Render, Principal & Director of M&A Services for Miller, Cooper & Co. LTD, discusses goals and objectives of selling a business, consequences of decisions before a sale of a business, maximizing value, and continuing to focus on the business during the sale process.

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Geoff Cockrell: Private Equity Presence in Mergers and Acquisitions

Geoff Cockrell, Chair of McGuireWoods LLP Private Equity Group, discuss clarifying private equity and its true meaning and trends within the private equity industry as it relates to mergers and acquisitions, what issues private equity firms love to see and certain terms within an M&A deal to watch out for.

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Jon Dwoskin: Growing Your Business Very Big

Jon Dwoskin, executive business advisor and coach, discusses what stops business owners from moving forward, distinguishing yourself as the market evolves, building a personal brand, and “Think Big” technology.

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Tom Minichiello: Be Diligent in your Diligence

Tom Minichiello, newly named CFO of Emcore Corporation, discusses common trends of M&A transactions, the importance of diligence from a buyer and seller perspective, lessons learned from unsuccessful deals, and the innovations coming to the technology sphere.

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Jeff Alvis: Merger Integration Planning and Strategy

Episode 12 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview with Jeff Alvis, the Director of the Keystone Group. Jeff focuses on M&A due diligence and integration, profit improvement, and business and organization strategy.

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CLM Equity: Transitioning With Ease After an Acquisition

Episode 11 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview with Matthew Locci and Scott Maze of CLM Equity. In Spring of 2019, they made a successful acquisition of a precision aerospace machine shop.

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Toby VanOver: Building and Selling a Business

Episode 10 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview Toby VanOver, previous owner of Sizzle Productions. Toby recently went through the process of selling his home-staging business that he has grown over the last 15 years.

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Jonathan Banta: Lessons from Multiple Business Transactions

Episode 9 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview Jonathan Banta, CEO of Dermatology Preferred Parners, an affiliate of Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center. Banta implemented a number of process changes that improved efficiencies and grew practice through acquisitions and an organic growth model.

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Scott Becker: Lessons from a Healthcare M&A Attorney

Episode 8 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview with Scott Becker, a partner in the healthcare department at McGuireWoods. Scott represents hospitals and health systems, healthcare companies, surgery center chains, large practices and private equity funds.

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Aaron Stahl: The Power of Having the Right People

Episode 7 of M&A Unplugged is now live! This episode features an interview with Aaron Stahl, the President & CEO of P3 Cost Analysts. Aaron started his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 22. He is an expert in the waste and recycling industry and has been the President & CEO of P3 Cost Analysts since its inception.

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