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M and A Unplugged Podcast, hosted by Domenic Rinaldi

About M&A Unplugged

A Podcast for people looking to Scale, Acquire or Exit a Business!

The M&A Unplugged Podcast is hosted by Domenic Rinaldi – Owner and Managing Partner of Sun Acquisitions. On each episode Domenic will interview business buyers, sellers and advisors and you will hear firsthand accounts of their transaction experiences. You will gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways so you can maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale.

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Dr. Alexandra Lajoux: Business Valuations In This Time Of COVID-19

Alexandra (Alex) Reed Lajoux, Ph.D., M.B.A., the founding principal of Capital Expert Services, LLC, talks about how best to get through the motions of these troubled times in your business.

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Thrive LOUD Podcast’s Lou Diamond: Domenic Rinaldi On Taking Your Business To The Market

In this week’s episode, we are republishing an episode where Domenic Rinaldi was a guest on Lou Diamond’s Thrive LOUD Podcast.

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Todd Solomon: Multi-employer Pension Plans: Addressing The Issue Of Underfunding

In this episode, Todd Solomon joins Domenic Rinaldi to talk about multi-employer pension plans and addressing the needs of participants.

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Bill Douglass: Preparing Financially For Your Retirement

Bill Douglass is a senior member of the Newman Douglass Wealth Management Team at Merrill Lynch. Bill and Domenic talk about the financial aspects you need to consider when planning for retirement.

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Trevor Crow: How To Navigate M&A Deals In This COVID-19 Environment

In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi is joined by Trevor Crow, a well-established M&A attorney who focuses his practice on representing buyers and sellers of businesses and the likes.

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John Schreiner & Jeff Peterson: The Two Sides Of M&A Transactions

Domenic Rinaldi is joined by two expert attorneys, John Schreiner and Jeff Petersen, who discuss several legal issues that arise in most M&A transactions – one taking the seller’s perspective while the other providing the buyer’s perspective.

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Eric Kalnins: A Good Time For Estate Planning

Domenic Rinaldi is joined by Eric Kalnins, a Partner at Handler Thayer, LLP, to talk about the importance of estate planning, and the particulars that need to be ironed out well in advance.

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Doug Sandler: The Value Of A Business

In a special episode of M&A Unplugged, Domenic Rinaldi joins the popular podcast, Nice Guys on Business, for an interview with host Doug Sandler. Together, Domenic and Doug discuss the process of selling a business.

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Todd Hockenberry: Strengthening Your Company By Creating Value For Your Customers

Todd Hockenberry, the founder of Top Line Results and an advisor and coach for B2B industrial and manufacturing companies, discusses how you can build and strengthen your company’s future.

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Loren Fogelman: Making Value Conversations

Top-ranked business coach, Loren Fogelman, joins the podcast in an engaging episode on making value conversations with prospective clients.

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Tom Kelly: Energizing Your Sales

Tom Kelly, business coach and owner of Potential in Motion, discusses different ways through which you can improve your business’ sales function.

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Joel Ankney: Common M&A Process Surprises That Catch People Off Guard

Joel Ankney, an attorney and owner of the Law Office of Joel Ankney, raises several scenarios that surprise his clients about the process and gives his strategies on how he deals with them and earns their trust.

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Andrea Fuelleman: Protecting Your Brand Asset Through Intellectual Property

Andrea Fuelleman, partner at the law firm of Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, discusses the differences between copyrights, patents, and trademarks, the use of rights and registrations, and the importance of trademark diligence in your M&A transactions.

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Jeff Sands: Corporate Turnaround In These Uncertain Times

Jeff Sands, Managing Director of Dorset Partners LLC, discusses his expertise of corporate turnarounds, the importance of team effort to the process, and the things to consider first as well as the major blocks that go into the life cycle of a turnaround.

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Nathan Hirsch: FreeeUp Yourself – Hiring Virtual Assistants To Do More

Nathan Hirsch, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of OutsourceSchool, discusses what to look for when you’re hiring virtual assistants to ensure a great partnership.

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Anthony Algmin: Leveraging Data For Your M&A Transactions

Anthony Algmin, Founder of Algmin Data Leadership, discusses how data impacts businesses’ mergers and acquisition both from the seller and buyer’s perspective, how data helps a company improve, and how data creates a competitive advantage.

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Steve Migala: Exit Planning – Turning Over The Business

Steve Migala, Shareholder at Lavelle Law, discusses his framework for how business owners should think about a potential succession or exit from their business.

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Roman Basi: Understanding Business Tax Codes

Roman Basi, the President of The Center for Financial, Legal, Tax, & Planning, discusses some of the recent tax changes, including those that fly below the radar for a lot or business owners, and the impact they have on businesses.

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Steve Mize: Business Valuation – What You Need To Know

Steve Mize, a Founding Partner of GCF Valuation, discusses business valuations from a buyer and seller’s perspective, their business valuation process, and how they interact with banks and bank requirements.

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Matt Somma: Impact of Rep Warranty Insurance To Buyers & Sellers

Matt Somma, VP and Transactional Risk Broker for The ABD Team’s M&A Advisory Practice, discusses the ins and outs of rep and warranty insurance and how this type of insurance impacts buyers and sellers.

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