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M and A Unplugged Podcast, hosted by Domenic Rinaldi

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A Podcast for people looking to Scale, Acquire or Exit a Business!

The M&A Unplugged Podcast is hosted by Domenic Rinaldi – Owner and Managing Partner of Sun Acquisitions. On each episode Domenic will interview business buyers, sellers and advisors and you will hear firsthand accounts of their transaction experiences. You will gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways so you can maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale.

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Joe Beer: Top 7 Pitfalls That Buyers Face During M&A Diligence

Joined by Joe Beer, the VP of Operations at Sun Acquisitions, Domenic Rinaldi shares the top seven most common due diligence pitfalls that buyers encounter during M&A transactions

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How To Conduct Due Diligence During Acquisition: Best Practices And A High-Level Checklist

Your go-to M&A expert, Domenic Rinaldi, devotes this episode to give you a roadmap on how to approach due diligence so that you can understand the totality of the process.

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Doug Adams: How The CARES Act Will Change SBA 5(a) Loans

Doug Adams of Emerson Capital and Domenic Rinaldi talk about the significant amendments to the CARES Act, which is mainly about waving SBA fees for all newly booked deals. This huge news will result in cheaper acquisitions for buyers and more cash earnings for sellers, all thanks to leverage banking.

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Tom Hine: Life In The Realm Of Wealth Management

Having an effective and trustworthy advisory service can certainly help ensure that one of the essential elements that fuels their business is properly monitored, arranged, and utilized. To learn more about this industry, Domenic Rinaldi interviews Tom Hine of Capital Wealth Management, LLC.

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Greg Kihlstrom: Growing A Business Through Acquisition And Selling It Higher

In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi invites serial entrepreneur and CEO of CareerGig, Greg Kihlstrom, to talk about Greg’s experience growing a business through acquisition and then selling that same business years later for a much higher multiple.

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2020 Recap And Preparing For The Deals Ahead

Now that we’re at the end of this chaotic 2020, it’s time to look back and recount the things we gained and the lessons we learned. After all, what is a good way to end a challenging year than prepare for the next and make it the year it could have been and more? Join […]

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Michael Zipursky: The Power Of A Well-Targeted Business Mindset

Domenic Rinaldi talks with Michael Zipursky, the CEO of Consulting Success, in discussing how to redirect your focus, hone an effective message, maximize outsourcing services, and pinpoint your target audience in order to start an effective, self-managing team.

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Doug Adams: How Banks Are Handling M&A Transactions In Lending

In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi discusses how the banks are handling M&A transactions in lending these days with the help of Doug Adams of Emerson Capital. With his expertise, he shares how deals are getting financed when the revenues of a business have been impacted positively or negatively, what the banks are looking for during underwriting, how to […]

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Navigating The Changes In The M&A Marketplace During COVID

In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi goes solo to help us make sense of what is happening now in the M&A marketplace. He answers whether or not deals are happening and how they have changed during this period of time and likely in the future after COVID.

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Mark Walztoni: Due Diligence And Integration: Preparing For Your Next Acquisition

As integration is gaining more and more steam, more acquirers are asking how to do integration these days compared to years ago. Joining Domenic Rinaldi on today’s podcast is Mark Walztoni, who shares his high-level formula for approaching this phase, along with how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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Jennifer Goldman: Grow Your Business From A Simmer Pot

Don’t let the excitement force you to make hasty decisions. Take a step back and take the time to assess the business. Follow along to this conversation to know the steps to take before diving in deep.

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The Most Common Value Drivers That Affect Business Valuation

There are a number of components that you should be looking at any time you’re valuing a business. In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi dives into one of them – value drivers.

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Keith Knohl: The Business Ownership Process

On this episode, Keith Knohl shares his journey of buying a business, which included retaining a buy-side broker to help him through all phases of the process. 

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Starting Versus Buying A Business: Which One Should You Choose?

On this episode, our Host, Domenic Rinaldi, goes solo and shares to us to about the differences between starting and buying a business and what advantages the latter has over the other. 

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Andrew Cross: Creating The Perfect M&A Communication Strategy

On this episode,  Andrew Cross, Senior Vice President and partner at Walker Sands, shares to us how right messaging is essential in maximizing employee, client and vendor retention while preserving the company’s brand.

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Dr. Solange Charas: Running The Numbers On Human Capital ROI

On this episode,  Dr. Solange Charas, a human capital metrics expert and the Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball shares to us how Human capital is the most important asset of every company. Without it, you can’t maintain clients or grow your business.

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Ben Mimmack & Andy Waltman: Baymark Partners Acquisition Criteria, Due Diligence And M&A Predictions

On this episode,  Ben Mimmack and Andy Waltman of Baymark Partners, a lower middle market private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas, shares to us why it is important to understand what a buyer is looking for in a deal so that you can position your company for a future sale.

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Brett Trainor: Getting Past The Micro-Business Stage Through Implementation And Execution

On this episode, Brett Trainor, a B2B startup mentor and investor for more than 25 years, shares how business owners can get past the micro-business stage and start to grow.

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Jaryd Krause: Online-Offline Business Synergy

On this episode, Jaryd Krause, Founder of Buying Online Businesses, shares how offline businesses can increase their lead generation and revenue just by buying an online business and integrating it to their business model.

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Klint Kendrick: Best Practices For Integrating Employees During M&A

On this episode, human resources professional, Klint Kendrick, to talk about the best practices for integrating employees during the mergers and acquisitions transaction.

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