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Buy a Business – Boise, ID

Buy a Business – Boise, ID

Buy a Business in Boise, ID

Buy a Business in Boise, ID

Boise, ID boasts an incredibly low 2.4% unemployment rate—just over half of the United States average, with a job market rate increase projected to be well into the double digits; pair this with a low sales tax rate and it’s clear Boise is on sound footing economically, and business purchase opportunities abound.

With information, science, and technology sectors out-pacing much of the country, professional workers are beginning to migrate to Boise, ID, creating more opportunity for entrepreneurs to buy and scale businesses in the construction, retail, and consulting industries.

With the sudden and expected continuation of economic growth come some growing pains—one being a rising housing cost, creating investment in real estate and construction/trades to be at the forefront of business buyers’ minds.

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