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Sun Acquisitions Secured Five New Buy-Side Engagements

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Sun Acquisitions Secured Five New Buy-Side Engagements

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce five new buy-side engagements. These engagements consist of searches for companies in the following industries and geographies:

·     Chicago area distributors and wholesalers

·     Chicago area B2B service providers

·     Information technology companies in select major metropolitan areas

·     Distribution and manufacturing companies in or near Charlotte, NC

·     Plastic manufacturers in Arizona, California or the Midwest.


Our client base for these engagements consist of privately held investment funds and a publicly held international strategic.

Larry Sanderman, Vice-President Buy-Side Services at SunAcquisitions, will be leading the search and managing these engagements to ensure the transactions are successfully completed on behalf of our clients.Engaging an intermediary in an acquisitions search ensures that the campaign is clearly defined and generates proprietary deal flow with numerous qualified targets, through a streamlined process.

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