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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Early Education Reading Curriculum Company

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Early Education Reading Curriculum Company

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an early education reading curriculum company, with headquarters in Illinois.

This company, formed in the early 2000s, publishes a copyrighted curriculum for the early education industry to aid in the literacy skills of children. They distribute their curricula to thousands of schools, both nationally and internationally. This company has experienced immense growth since inception with increasing revenues and profits year over year. They are able to maintain high cash flows with very little expenses and unparalleled repeat client orders.

There are major growth opportunities for the new ownership to continue to grow the business at an even higher rate including: the digitization of the curriculum, implementation of a subscription-based model, and the duplication of the curriculum to additional languages to increase international expansion.

This business attracted large numbers of interest from possible acquirers in a very short period of time. Sun Acquisitions generated 82 potential buyers for the business which led to 6 indications of interest and 3 final offers. The business was acquired by a private equity group, who had an operator with experience in the education sector equipped to take the business to the next level.

The managing partner, Domenic Rinaldi, and advisor, Matt Brunstrum, led the transaction team for all aspects of this successful client engagement. “I am so pleased with the result our transaction team delivered for our client”, stated Domenic Rinaldi, “This was a tremendous outcome for the client and ultimately, the buyer is a perfect match to carry on the legacy of this business.”

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