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Components of Corporate Deal Sourcing

Most companies with committed resources tend to access deal flow through multiple channels.  Fundamentally, three core areas tend to drive the most productive deal flow. Target Networking Once a management team has developed its acquisition strategy and identified the relevant targets, there is no substitute for networking.  Spend time identifying the key contact at the […]

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How to Get a Fair Market Value For Your Business

Knowing the value of your business can help you find the right buyer. Determining the value of your business means considering any losses or debts, your industry, assets and earnings. Getting the fair market value for your business can help determine your company’s roadmap and your future exit strategies. 1. Understand Valuation You are probably […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Exhibit Design & Management Company

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an exhibit design & management company, based in the Greater Chicago area. The company provides outstanding design, building and management services for companies attending trade shows, while specializing exhibit and experiential design, signage, and retail displays. In addition, they provide any other service a client may […]

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Top 5 Things Buyers Should Know about Due Diligence

Are you planning on buying a business? If you’re an avid investor and someone not too keen on starting a business from the ground up, then purchasing an existing company that’s already profitable could be a great move. However, as attractive as it might appear, the importance of due diligence cannot be overemphasized. Just as […]

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Built Or Bought: What To Look For When Buying A Business

“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” -Nolan Bushnell If you’re one of millions of people who lie awake at night trying to solve a problem and can’t wait until the morning to race to the office or workshop to get a head start on the solution?  You just might be an entrepreneur.  […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Manufacturer & Installer of Architectural Woodwork

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Manufacturer and Installer of Architectural High-End Woodwork located in in the Chicagoland area. This business manufactures and installs custom architectural woodwork for the commercial market. The products they manufacturer include: high-end cabinetry, counters, and other millwork in a variety of finishes. Since inception, they have generated a […]

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Top 5 Things Sellers Should Know about Due Diligence

Are you thinking of selling your business? In 2018, 10,312 small businesses were purchased in the United States, and in the past 5 years, the number of business sales has been on the rise. Good news for owners looking to sell their businesses, however before a business transaction, extensive due diligence is carried out by […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of Forensic Engineering Services Company

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of a full-service forensic engineering services company, based in the Greater Chicago Area. The company offers a variety of services including assisting in the investigation, analysis and resolution of insurance claims. They also offer engineering consulting services, expert witness testimony, evidence storage and data recovery services. They […]

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Outsourcing the Corporate Development Function at Your Company

Corporate Development 101 The largest companies, approximately $500 million plus revenue, typically employ their own Corporate Development teams. The team is typically made up of VPs, Directors and Analysts. The primary goal is to develop an acquisition strategy that is signed off by both the Executive Team and Board of Directors, and to close on […]

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How To Manage The Culture Aspects of a M&A Transaction

Research shows that 53% of startups in the United States have planned to use an acquisition as their exit strategy. In 2019, there were 348 M&A deals valued between 25 and 49.9 million USD. It’s clear that the U.S. has a strong M&A tradition; however, not every story has a happy ending. There are numerous […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Outdoor Power Equipment Distributor & Service Business

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of a 55-year-old outdoor power equipment distributor and service business located in Northwest Indiana. The business sells outdoor power equipment for every season and provide service and repair on all the equipment they distribute. Their primary customers include commercial and residential landscapers, as well as the everyday […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Early Education Reading Curriculum Company

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an early education reading curriculum company, with headquarters in Illinois. This company, formed in the early 2000s, publishes a copyrighted curriculum for the early education industry to aid in the literacy skills of children. They distribute their curricula to thousands of schools, both nationally and internationally. […]

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Planning Your Exit Strategy: When and How To Sell

Exit strategies are far too often overlooked or delayed among business owners.  Statistically speaking, the average business owner has at least 90% of their wealth tied up in the business, yet more than 70% of owners don’t have a planned exit strategy or succession plan.  While this isn’t beneficial for the current owner who may […]

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Acquiring A Business

Are you looking to acquire a new business? If statistics are anything to go by, there has been upsurge in the number of people selling businesses in the last couple of years. In fact, 2018 recorded the highest number of businesses sold in the last five years, with 10, 312 entities reportedly purchased. If you’re […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Profitable Trucking Company

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a profitable trucking company. The company, based out of Illinois, has been in operation since 2010. This trucking company offers transportation services, storage services, next day delivery services to nearby states, and LTL services. They have strong relationships with freight brokers, which provides the company with their consistency […]

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Creating a Successful M&A Plan Starts With The Team

Why a Successful M&A Plan is Crucial: Why is a successful M&A plan important in the first place? Depending on who you ask, without a qualified M&A broker firm and successful M&A plan in place to guide you through the process, more than half of M&As and business acquisitions are known to fail. So what […]

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Help! I inherited a Business I Don’t Want to Run. How Do I Sell It?

Business ownership changes for different reasons, often within the constraints of an exit plan, but sometimes under less than ideal circumstances.  You might have been part of a succession plan or simply part of a catch-all in a family member’s will, but what do you do when you inherit a business you aren’t equipped or […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Exceptional Retail Franchise

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an exceptional retail franchise, located in Eastern Michigan. The company is exceptionally successful, which has been built on the foundation of the highly ranked international franchisor, an ideal retail location, and the large staff of highly trained employees. The store has been named the #1 store […]

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Why A Business Valuation Calculator Isn’t Enough To Negotiate Price

You’ve built the business over the last 40 years or inherited it from family and have run it for the last number of years, but it’s really not your passion, that’s okay. These are just a few of the reasons we hear when clients contact us to assist in selling a company.  Whatever your reason […]

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Mutual Trust: A Foundation to M&A Success

Trust is an essential ingredient to business success, yet is ironically lacking in M&A activity, which is traditionally cloaked in secrecy. However, privacy does not have to come with distrust. Buyers and sellers need to invest more trust in their private processes and develop a rapport that drives the M&A process to success. Without mutual […]

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