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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Acquiring A Business

Are you looking to acquire a new business? If statistics are anything to go by, there has been upsurge in the number of people selling businesses in the last couple of years. In fact, 2018 recorded the highest number of businesses sold in the last five years, with 10, 312 entities reportedly purchased. If you’re […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Profitable Trucking Company

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a profitable trucking company. The company, based out of Illinois, has been in operation since 2010. This trucking company offers transportation services, storage services, next day delivery services to nearby states, and LTL services. They have strong relationships with freight brokers, which provides the company with their consistency […]

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Creating a Successful M&A Plan Starts With The Team

Why a Successful M&A Plan is Crucial: Why is a successful M&A plan important in the first place? Depending on who you ask, without a qualified M&A broker firm and successful M&A plan in place to guide you through the process, more than half of M&As and business acquisitions are known to fail. So what […]

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Help! I inherited a Business I Don’t Want to Run. How Do I Sell It?

Business ownership changes for different reasons, often within the constraints of an exit plan, but sometimes under less than ideal circumstances.  You might have been part of a succession plan or simply part of a catch-all in a family member’s will, but what do you do when you inherit a business you aren’t equipped or […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Exceptional Retail Franchise

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an exceptional retail franchise, located in Eastern Michigan. The company is exceptionally successful, which has been built on the foundation of the highly ranked international franchisor, an ideal retail location, and the large staff of highly trained employees. The store has been named the #1 store […]

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Why A Business Valuation Calculator Isn’t Enough To Negotiate Price

You’ve built the business over the last 40 years or inherited it from family and have run it for the last number of years, but it’s really not your passion, that’s okay. These are just a few of the reasons we hear when clients contact us to assist in selling a company.  Whatever your reason […]

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Mutual Trust: A Foundation to M&A Success

Trust is an essential ingredient to business success, yet is ironically lacking in M&A activity, which is traditionally cloaked in secrecy. However, privacy does not have to come with distrust. Buyers and sellers need to invest more trust in their private processes and develop a rapport that drives the M&A process to success. Without mutual […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Successful Document Destruction Firm

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a successful document destruction firm, located in the Midwest. This exceptional company provides a range of destruction services to its loyal base of commercial clients such as: document destruction, product destruction and e-waste recycling services. All destroyed products and media are 100% recycled. They offer security, confidentiality, and […]

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Your Guide to Business Acquisition Financing

There are a number of ways to secure financing for the acquisition of a small business.  Selecting the right debt structure for yourself can mean the difference between hitting your Return on Investment (‘ROI’) targets or missing them badly.  There are multiple loan options and each has pros and cons. Conventional loans through a traditional […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of a Large Fitness Complex

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of a nationally recognized fitness complex. The fitness complex is known as one of the most successful and fastest growing fitness complexes in the country. The fitness complex sells memberships that provides access to group fitness classes, in-studio events, DJ nights, and transformation challenges. They receive strong […]

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How To Find The Right Business Broker To Sell Your Business

A quick search for business brokers on the Web will return millions of results, with everything from do-it-yourself guidebooks to independent law firms, and independent consultants to well-resourced firms.  But which one’s right for your business?  With a business considered an entrepreneur’s greatest asset, it’s not exactly a decision you should make flippantly.  With that […]

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Successful Mergers and Acquisitions You’ve Never Heard Of

Mergers and acquisitions are happening all the time, but not every successful merger or acquisition hits the headlines. They can take place for many reasons, and the most common reasons include: value creation, diversification, technology acquisition, asset acquisition, increase of financial capacity, tax purposes, gain market share, elimination of competition, and many more. Below are […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Full Service Commercial Electrical Contractor

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Full Service Commercial Electrical contractor, located in the Greater Chicago Area. This company is a recognized leader in electrical installation services, repair and replacement. Since its inception in the early 1990s, they have provided turn-key electrical solutions to the following industries: commercial, industrial, lighting, and DC power. […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell an Exhibit Design & Management Company

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell an Exhibit Design and Management Company. The company is located in the Greater Chicago Area and services clients, both domestic and internationally. This company provides outstanding design, building and management services for companies attending trade shows and conferences. They specialize in exhibit and experiential design, signage and retail […]

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Preparing For A Business Valuation

If you’re looking to sell all or a portion of your business, determining an accurate market value is key for selling a company.  You may have checked an online business value calculator which pulls in simple data such as earnings, member compensation, growth, risk, and discount rate and churned out a number that feels right, […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell an events producer

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a successful events producer, that primarily services the Illinois market. The company offers many services to produce a variety of types of events including: running and sporting events, street festivals, corporate conferences, and parades. They produce events within the Illinois market and also out of state events. They […]

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The 5 Things Every Owner Should Do Before Selling a Company

Business owners may have many reasons for selling a company; be it for retirement, pursuing a new passion or opportunity, or personal hardship which requires greater attention than can otherwise be afforded. Whatever the reason, it’s important owners understand that selling a business often takes more time and effort than selling a hard asset such […]

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Sun Acquisitions has successfully facilitated P&W Golf Supply’s acquisition of Meredith Industries

Sun Acquisitions announced today the successful acquisition of Meredith Industries, a specialty flag manufacturer, by P&W Golf Supply, the parent company of Wittek Golf.  P&W engaged Sun Acquisitions in a nation-wide buy-side search to find complimentary golf products for its golf course and driving range customers. For over 35 years, Meredith Industries, located in Vidalia, […]

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M&A Expert Domenic Rinaldi Interviewed by Smart Business Dealmakers

Recently Domenic Rinaldi, Managing Partner of Sun Acquisitions was interviewed by Smart Business Dealmakers related to his more than 30 years of experience counseling businesses through mergers and acquisitions.  The article covers topics ranging from when to, and when not to make capital expenditures, the risks of adjustments to the headcount, positions, and payroll during […]

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Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell an Elementary Reading Curriculum Program Company

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell an Elementary Reading Curriculum Program Company that serves the nationwide market. This exceptional company has published daily academic curriculums for children to use to help with reading and language skills. They have published curriculums in various languages. The curriculum is used in over 1,000 school districts nationwide. The […]

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