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Legal Preparation Before Selling

What are the legal steps you need to take before selling a business? It is vital to be aware of the legal aspects of selling a business to avoid future problems. There are six legal steps outlined below which help you work your way systematically through the sale of the business. Each of these steps […]

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Keys to Successful Deal Integration

Two primary factors tend to drive deal under-performance:  Overpaying and Limited Integration.  To avoid the latter, proper planning begins in the diligence phase and all key integration items should be accomplished within 100 days of closing. As a first step, identify an Integration Leader.  That individual should have superior project management and social skills.  Integration […]

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Understanding the Likely Buyer for Your Business

Are you thinking of selling your business? Do you think the business would fare better under new leadership? Or perhaps selling has always been your proposed exit strategy? Regardless of the reasons you’re selling your business, one thing is certain – you want the best buyer possible. For this reason knowing how to identify and […]

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Post-Merger Compensation Incentive Ideas

Mergers and acquisitions are stressful experiences for everyone involved. However, one sure-fire way of getting team morale up is to implement post-merger compensation incentives. Incentives have been used since time memorial to encourage workplace productivity with great success by those that understood how to use them correctly. Because you see, it’s not merely that you […]

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The Risks of a Botched Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions occur on the regular, and for different reasons: buying up competitors to expand market share, acquiring a complimentary business to provide a suite of services to existing customers, or simply because a great opportunity exists to enter a new market and diversify the company’s holdings.  But while everything may smell like roses […]

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The Importance of the Balance Sheet

What is a balance sheet and how important is it when you’re selling a business? Every incorporated business in the United States is obliged to have a balance sheet. It is not mandatory for partnerships and sole proprietorships but it is highly recommended that these small businesses adhere to this sound accounting principle.  A business’ […]

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Initial Seller Meeting – A Buyer’s Perspective

After reviewing many potential targets, signing the confidentiality agreements and reading the offering memorandums, it is finally time to have a sit down with the seller.  Much like a job interview, first impressions are incredibly meaningful relative to your chances for success.  Establishing a personal relationship with the seller and gaining his/her the mutual respect […]

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Selling Your Business? Here Are The 4 Key Questions To Ask Your Business Broker

“Are you interested in my business?” This sounds a lot like you’re hocking your business on a street corner, but believe it or not, this question is often overlooked when business owners interview business brokers in order to list their businesses for sale.  Does it seem a little obvious to you?  I hope so; however […]

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The Post Acquisition Plan

According to research carried out by McKinsey, every year, at least 450 high-level mergers and acquisitions are announced. Of these, 10% get shelved. 42% of these deals don’t go through because there is often a price disagreement, 14% fail because of a lack of trust, and 5% because of political headwinds. For those deals that […]

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Communicating the Integration Plan

When buying a business you must know that good communication is fundamental to the success of any merger and acquisition. This is particularly true during the implementation of the post-merger integration plan. David Grossman in his report The Cost of Poor Communications had this to say about bad communication: “In a survey of 400 companies […]

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Components of Corporate Due Diligence

In the world of Corporate M&A, well planned sale processes have typically done an internal due diligence review before hitting the market.  For instance, management presentations should be vetted, data rooms populated, and accounting and legal advisors fully engaged.  While every deal presents some surprises during the diligence process, sophisticated sellers should have gone the […]

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A Healthy Discussion On Succession Planning

Growing up, family vacations consisted of camping and hiking through national and state parks throughout the western United States.  Everything from tents to cabins to trailer camping for 2-3 weeks at a time.  I grew up with a love for the outdoors and still I recall my father’s words as we would clean our site […]

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Before You Buy A Business: Prepare for the Acquisition

When a business goes up for sale, it’s a common reaction to wonder “Well, what went wrong with it?” as you weigh the pros and cons of acquiring it. Owners sell their businesses for a myriad of reasons, and it’s not typically bad — reasons range from wanting to retire to wanting to strike out […]

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The Advantages of Buying an Existing Business Over Starting One

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting their business from scratch — growing their own idea and brand from the ground up. But working from scratch brings up several disadvantages that might prevent the business from taking off in the first place, including the challenges of establishing cash flow, hiring employees, constructing a customer base and marketing […]

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5 Mistakes You’ll Make When Selling Your Business And How To Avoid Them

Selling a business is complex and requires a great deal of planning to determine what approach works best for your company. How will you identify the best prospects? How will you get the word out without letting others know too soon? What is the value of your business, and how do you get back what […]

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Components of Corporate Deal Sourcing

Most companies with committed resources tend to access deal flow through multiple channels.  Fundamentally, three core areas tend to drive the most productive deal flow. Target Networking Once a management team has developed its acquisition strategy and identified the relevant targets, there is no substitute for networking.  Spend time identifying the key contact at the […]

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How to Get a Fair Market Value For Your Business

Knowing the value of your business can help you find the right buyer. Determining the value of your business means considering any losses or debts, your industry, assets and earnings. Getting the fair market value for your business can help determine your company’s roadmap and your future exit strategies. 1. Understand Valuation You are probably […]

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Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Exhibit Design & Management Company

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the sale of an exhibit design & management company, based in the Greater Chicago area. The company provides outstanding design, building and management services for companies attending trade shows, while specializing exhibit and experiential design, signage, and retail displays. In addition, they provide any other service a client may […]

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Top 5 Things Buyers Should Know about Due Diligence

Are you planning on buying a business? If you’re an avid investor and someone not too keen on starting a business from the ground up, then purchasing an existing company that’s already profitable could be a great move. However, as attractive as it might appear, the importance of due diligence cannot be overemphasized. Just as […]

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Built Or Bought: What To Look For When Buying A Business

“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” -Nolan Bushnell If you’re one of millions of people who lie awake at night trying to solve a problem and can’t wait until the morning to race to the office or workshop to get a head start on the solution?  You just might be an entrepreneur.  […]

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