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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Acquiring A Business

Sun Acquisitions has been engaged to sell a Profitable Trucking Company

Creating a Successful M&A Plan Starts With The Team

Help! I inherited a Business I Don’t Want to Run. How Do I Sell It?

Sun Acquisitions announces the sale of an Exceptional Retail Franchise

Help! I inherited a Business I Don’t Want to Run. How Do I Sell It?

Business ownership changes for different reasons, often within the constraints of an exit plan, but sometimes under less than ideal circumstances.  You might have been part of a succession plan or simply part of a catch-all in a family member’s will, but what do you do when you inherit a business you aren’t equipped or […]

Mutual Trust: A Foundation to M&A Success

Trust is an essential ingredient to business success, yet is ironically lacking in M&A activity, which is traditionally cloaked in secrecy. However, privacy does not have to come with distrust. Buyers and sellers need to invest more trust in their private processes and develop a rapport that drives the M&A process to success. Without mutual […]

How To Find The Right Business Broker To Sell Your Business

A quick search for business brokers on the Web will return millions of results, with everything from do-it-yourself guidebooks to independent law firms, and independent consultants to well-resourced firms.  But which one’s right for your business?  With a business considered an entrepreneur’s greatest asset, it’s not exactly a decision you should make flippantly.  With that […]