Joseph Farinella

Joseph Farinella

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About Joseph Farinella

Joseph brings more than three decades of hands-on entrepreneurial experience to the Sun Acquisitions team. He specializes in selling, reorganizing and realigning businesses for continued growth and profitability. Joseph has advised and negotiated a number of licensing agreements and formal contracts on behalf of his clients, better positioning them for growth.

Joseph started, developed and ran his own business over an18-year span, negotiating a successful exit in 2000. He understands the mindset, needs and concerns of the entrepreneur. Since then Joseph has worked as a Business Intermediary and Consultant focusing on building top line revenues and operational efficiencies for a number of companies primarily in Distribution, Food Processing and Machining. He has successfully directed companies out of bankruptcy and turned them into profitable organizations.

Joseph’s degree in Marketing combined with his business experience puts him in a unique place to envision the needs of his clients and then bring that to life in a number of ways – from forecasting to financing, branding to operations, Joseph has many years of experience guiding his clients through the transition process. He has worked on both the Buy side and Sell side of the transition process and has consistently produced successful results.

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