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Sun Acquisitions is an M&A firm that specializes in helping people confidentially buy and sell privately held firms.

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We provide a complimentary consultation for every prospective seller or buyer. You will meet with an experienced advisor who will introduce you to Sun Acquisitions and review our services.

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We work with businesses across all industry sectors and sizes.

Sun Acquisitions has developed a fully integrated process that helps our clients evaluate all of their merger and acquisition options. Our approach starts with an in-depth analysis and planning session so that you can make the right decision regarding the contemplated sale or acquisition. We work with businesses across all industry sectors with annual sales between $2 to $30 million dollars.

Most of all, we understand the importance of having your transaction handled by experts. Our certified M&A advisors are all experts at transactions and know how to help our clients achieve their desired outcome.

Mike Vaughn

Mike Vaughn

Senior Advisor

Mike Vaughn has over 30 years of Brokerage experience representing clients on supply and buy side servicing multiple industries, with an emphasis in the manufacturing sector. After graduating from Siena College with a degree in Business Development, he worked at a Division of Dow Chemical, GE Plastics and Ashland Chemical servicing the Injection/Blow Molding and Extrusion Market in the Midwest.

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