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Home Comfort Needs: Fireplace Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Home Comfort Needs: Fireplace Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Fireplace Installation, Repair, and Replacement


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Established in 1992, the company specializes in providing hearth products and related services. They operate in 2 branches in the Midwest.

With a primary focus on supplying, installing, and servicing hearth products, they have built a solid reputation within the industry.

On the commercial front, this company has established strong partnerships with major construction companies throughout the Midwest and undertakes projects nationwide, including notable locations such as Las Vegas, San Diego, Oklahoma City, and Cape Cod. Their expertise has been sought after for prominent real estate endeavors. Furthermore, they have successfully collaborated with prestigious educational institutions.

Their residential division caters to an extensive range of clients, from luxury homes to local residential and historical projects.

A burgeoning service department ensures ongoing customer satisfaction, as they offer maintenance and support for all the products they sell, as well as other related items beyond their regular inventory. This includes expertise in wood, gas, pellet and electric hearth products.

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